Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The New Inquisition

(Image from:  WUWT? Nobody Expects the Climate Inquisition)
The Church of Climatology has been quietly pursuing its Inquisition against perceived heretics.

A company called Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) is getting subpoenaed over its material on global warming.  Specifically-ish over material that appears to run contrary to the beliefs of the Climate Change Acolytes occupying positions of government authority.

I say "specifically-ish," because the official reasoning is vaguely written and appears to be an attempt to hang some sort of securities/pension/consumer fraud on CEI.

In short, Climate Change Denial = Fraud.

This Climate Inquisition has been going on for some time now.  The link under the led image (itself an homage to Monty Python's Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition skit), was posted just before last year's Earth Day.

Mark Steyn went on the counteroffensive by sticking it to the alarmists, in order to fend off a lawsuit by "...Big Climate enforcer Michael E Mann."

The Diplomad points out that the Climate Change Alarmism is just one facet of the Leftists' War with the History of Mankind.

As for us private citizens, being a Climate Change Heretic is almost as bad as being labeled racist, sexist, or an Islamophobe in the Court of Politically Correct Opinion.

When one of my friends posted the CEI Subpoena article on Facebook, I asked: 

But won't burning heretics increase our carbon footprint?

I doubt any Climate Change Inquisitor would see the humor in my question.

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