Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Neglected Navy of the Great White North

(Image found on Yorkton This Week)
Despite all the problems plaguing the U.S. military, from budget cuts to leftist social engineering attempts within, to increasing belligerence from adversaries, America's armed forces are still cruising at #1--for the time being.

How long we can coast along and maintain our readiness is anybody's guess, and has been the subject of e-mail exchanges between my friends and I, along with subsequent blogposts.

What I haven't been aware of is how bad things were with our ally of The Great White North, (the country not the comedy sketch).

One of my friends called our attention to the sinking of the Canadian Navy, (which appeared last August).

In short, The RCN has been scuttled, leaving only--

--12 x  Halifax-class frigates
--12 x Kingston-class coastal defence vessels
--4 x ex-U.K. submarines, and
--13 x icebreakers, with only 6 deemed capable of operating in the true polar region.

With trouble brewing all over the world, I'd love to see Canada reverse this calamitous course.

(Image found on Raeside Cartoon)

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