Monday, April 18, 2016

Merkel: The Murderess of Free Speech

(Image from The Daily Mail--The European Debt Crisis)

Much has been written by the commentators I follow on how Political Correctness (PC) stifles free speech.

As the 2016 Presidential Campaign drags on, the PC Commissars have hit rock bottom--and have started to dig.

At DePaul's College, the student's Republican Chapter is being accused of a hate crime for chalking "TRUMP" on a sidewalk.

While this sort of "triggering" has now become commonplace among the snowflakes fluttering about college campuses here in The Land of the Free, PC enforcement is worse in western Europe.

In the UK, a student was kicked out of college for defending traditional marriage on his personal Facebook page.

In the Netherlands, yoga instructor Ivar Mol was visited by three police officers in response to this question he asked on Twitter after the Brussels Bombing:  How do you teach when there is applause from the Muslim children in your class? (A police spokesman has apologized, and the applause incident may be unconfirmed).  Or Mark Jongeneel, along with several others, who were warned by police to watch the tone of their tweets, because their anti-Muslim immigration opinions may be considered seditious.

At least Ivar, Mark and the other malcontents got off with warnings, unlike Matthew Doyle of Croydon (near London), who has been charged under Section 19 of the Public Order Act of 1986 for his post-Brussels tweet.  I think he was being a jerk for confronting a Muslim woman, who had nothing to do with the Brussels Bombing, but he shouldn't be brought up on charges either.

But the PC Commissar Crown goes to Germany's chancellor Frau Merkel.

She's allowing an inquiry to proceed against comedian Jan Boehmermann, who recited a poem insulting Turkey's president Tayyip Erdogan. The justification for the inquiry is the archaic Article/Paragraph 103 of the 1871 Penal Code, prohibiting insults to heads of state.

That's 1871--as in "The Year of Our Lord 1871"--when Germany became united under Kaiser Wihelm I.

Jeez.  You'd think such a law would have been buried under the collapse of the Second Reich.  But I guess the Weimar Republic had more pressing matters than getting around to the 103rd article of the Imperial Penal Code.

Even if Funnyman Jan is acquitted and Article 103 is repealed--by 2018--Mark Steyn explains how "...the process is the punishment..." in his article Where the Streets Have No Jokes (cont).

Regardless, it's apparent that Kaiserina Chancellor Merkel is more concerned about the feelings of her fellow Head of State club members than the livelihood of her subjects.

(Image by Rainer Hachfeld)
Why should Americans be concerned about "Springtime in Merkel's Germany?"

Because leftists have a penchant for PC.  And as more leftists get their hands on the Levers of Power, we can expect more stories like these on our shores.

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