Friday, April 8, 2016

Holding Open the Gates for the Barbarians

(Image by Joe Heller found on Stop the Oligarchy)
Yesterday, NBC News was whining about the US being way behind in its goal of importing 10K Syrian refugees.

I'd be happy in accepting 0K "refugees."

Especially since it's okay for the rich Gulf States to cite stability concerns--and yet--western conservatives are mocked for expressing concern over the rapes, sexual assaults and gang rapes perpetrated by Muslim men

(Note:  Mark Steyn participated in a debate in Toronto over this issue.  His latest post-debate article:  The New Man and His Gender Gap).

Meanwhile, Afghans who assisted American troops are languishing in Administrative Processing Hell, reported by Aljazeera no less. 

Okay, not every Muslim male entering the US will be a card-carrying member of a rape gang.  But Europe is currently in turmoil over the ones who are, and we don't need to import their buddies to our shores.

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