Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Week's Weak Logic Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood

Comrade Karla stumbled across a Yahoo News editorial section called The Week.  Today's offering was an attempt to re-assure us Islamophobes that there is nothing to fear from Egypt's Islamist parliament.

After reading the article, I came up with the following rebuttals:

1.  The religious parties are divided.

Yes, they are.  However, the scholars at The Week forget the Mideastern motto--The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Islamist hatred towards Jews and other assorted infidels outweighs whatever intra-parliamentary bickering the different parties engage in.  Just ask the Coptic Christians.

2.  The military is still in charge.

For now.  But for how long?  The same was said for Turkey--until the AKP took over.

3. Liberal parties will (slowly) gain influence.

Really?  Where?  The only Mideastern country where liberal parties have gained influence, that I know of, is Israel. 

4. Egypt's Islamists won't seek trouble abroad.

Oh?  Just like the Hamas and Hezbollah Islamists won't stir-up trouble with Israel?  Once all the Coptic Christians are killed, or driven out of The Land of the Pharaohs, the Islamists will have to look beyond the borders for enemies.

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