Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Changing Hollyweird back to Hollywood

John Nolte discusses the Top 10 Ways Hollywood Can Win Its Audience Back.

This line sums up the article:  Everyone loves movies, but most everyone has contempt for Hollywood.

Some extensive commentaries followed:

I think Hollywood needs actors, true craftsmen of the trade. I’ve been watching a lot of BBC shows like Doc Martin and Kingdom ( and of course the Dr.) and the quality of acting, writing and production is as good or better than many Hollywood films movies. For the most part, the actors in the UK treat acting as a occupation not a series of appearances intended to maintain movie star or celebrity status. I mean look at Michael Cain, Anthony Hopkins, and the like. They will work on stage when not doing films (most started there anyway). Granted in film they’ve done some really bad ones (Jaws 4 for Cain for example) but the point is they keep working. The only equivalent in American I can think of are the old school country musicians like George Jones who keep touring no matter where they are on the charts or the size of the venue. It is their chosen occupation and they go to work every day like us.

Yeah, and the United States needs Statesmen…Not holding my breath for either
Cain was quite frank in several interviews that he considered even the bad films to be ‘work’ and that Jaws 4 paid for the new deck on his house.

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  1. About Michael Caine and bad movies. I saw an interview with him and he was asked if he had any advice for aspiring actors? and he responded " Only take good roles, and if you get no good roles take average ones, and if you get no average ones then take the ones that pay."