Tuesday, June 15, 2010

As if Islamofacism Weren't Enough to Worry About

Chinese generals and admirals have been giving our flag officers a tongue lashing.  Gordon Chang discusses Sino-US relations and China's looming threat in Pajamas Media:

I've often wondered about our country's wishy-washiness towards the PRC, especially since their hackers continually try to infiltrate our computer systems, not to mention stealing our nuclear secrets.

Chang's article garnered a couple of comments from my friends:

The Navy leadership ought to read their own scholarly publication, Naval War College Review (AKA “We’re Gonna Go to War with China Eventually” Magazine)

Why would the Chinese need to pop a nuke. They could just dump all of the US treasury bills they hold. It would hurt their economy but it would pretty much wreck ours...

Kind of like cashing in their chips all at once.

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