Monday, June 14, 2010

Blabbing to WikiLeaks

(Image:  WikiLeaks logo)

Last week Specialist Bradley Manning was arrested for leaking a bunch of material to the website known as "WikiLeaks."

Here's one of the initial stories from the Washington Post (WaPo):

Ralph Peters, the former US Army intelligence officer, rolls-in on the issue of leaking government secrets, and the "Wikileaker" in particular.  From the NY Post:

One of my friends cited Ralph's comment:

"I don't care if leakers of classified info are Democrats or Republicans, military or civilian. Leaking classified documents is treason. So is publishing them."
Then he had this to say:

As I said before, there in lies the problem - to people in the political class on both sides leakers are a useful tool to make the administration in power look bad and they can easily hold them up as heroes who speak truth to power.

To which Comrade Karla responded:

The fact that both parties use this is why nothing substantive will get done. The side effect is piddling little sentences for people who should go away for life or get the chair/noose/firing squad.

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