Monday, June 14, 2010

Iran Planning to Run the Gaza Blockade

(Image:  The former "Linda" renamed the "Rachel Corrie," after the American gal who got herself run over by an Israeli bulldozer, for its mission as a Gaza blockade runner)

Iranian ships, supposedly caring aid supplies, are reported to be en-route to Gaza:

Most of my friends' responses where of the humorous variety, like about how crowded these ships would be with 100,000 Iranians on board.  But one did make an excellent point:

I do agree with the VDH article earlier that the net result of this will be to remove all constraints on Israeli action – it is much the same as how Obama’s “zero nuclear weapons” policy will almost inevitably lead to the worst proliferation breakout the world has yet seen.

Meanwhile, Ralph Peters takes a look at Turkey's role in this escalating issue.  From the NY Post:

Mark Steyn's been on the road.  However, here's what he's picked up during his travels:

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