Friday, September 30, 2011

Coating Islamism with Political Correctness

I love Bare Naked Islam's by-line: It isn't Islamophobia when the really ARE trying to kill you.

I also love the motto on the hat pictured above.  It's not hard being "Islamophobic" when you read headlines today's headlines about the Iranian pastor sentenced to death--for being Christian.  Here's the story in the International Business Times.

One friend reacted to this with: 

...I hear they plan on hanging him instead of stoning him to death as a demonstration of the increasingly progressive nature of their society...

Then Comrade Karla found this article by Robert Spencer, on why a rational fear of islamism is a good thing, in this NRO article.  Or as the the good comrade said:  More on attempts to criminalize criticism of the ROP [Religion of Peace].

In addition to the usual suspects of Islamist front-organizations, the cry of "Islamophobia" often comes from the lame-stream media.  We're often bombarded with images and stories like this:

Pamela Geller has been researching the Islamization of Journalism schools for years.  She covers this phenomena on her Atlas Shrugs blog.  Her recent posts were uploaded on 19 Sep 2011 and today (30 Sep 2011).  Today's posting was piggy-backed from Judith Miller's op-ed on

My favorite key phrase:  Motive matters.

It certainly does.

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