Monday, December 22, 2008

Shortages of Everything but Snow

The Seattle Times article, linked below, confirmed my thoughts: This is the worst snow storm this area has seen in 12 years. When that snow storm hit, I was living below the Mason-Dixon Line in North Carolina. I didn't move here, as I mentioned in my previous post, until the first day of winter 1998.

While Winter maintains it's icy grip, Seattle is facing a shortage of everything but snow: There's only 27 snow plows to service the area, Sea-Tac Airport is running low on de-icing fluid and there's a shortage of outbound flights for the growing population of frustrated travelers.

In the wee hours of Monday morning, various agencies are recommending everyone stay home.

But as an employee of Washington State's Emergency Management Division, this means I have to ignore such sound advice. One of the my justifications for buying a Jeep a couple of years ago was to have a reliable vehicle to get me to-and-from work during adverse conditions. Unfortunately, our current weather woes has given me plenty of oppurtunity to test my Jeep's 4-wheel drive capability.

The picture above, again of Seattle's iconic Space Needle, was taken from Yahoo News.

The weather outlook from the Seattle Times:

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